The Essential Employee Hiring Kit

Hiring in 2019? Put your energy into meeting and recruiting people, not getting hung up time-intensive hiring tasks.

The Essential Employee Hiring Kit is a set of tools designed to help small businesses plan their workforce needs, calculate salary to hourly rates, and use customizable offer letter templates to be swift and strategic in today’s competitive job market.

It’s a perfect kit for business owners, HR managers, and hiring managers to:

  • Determine the true real costs of various employee types: How much will an independent contractor cost vs. a full-time worker after taxes, healthcare, and office space?
  • Estimate contractor/freelance hourly rates based on salaried roles
  • Forecast headcount spend based on growth and competitiveness of roles with a smart workforce template
  • Quickly create and send offer letters based on templates for FT and PT employees, independent contractors, and interns.

Happy hiring!