Five Trends Shaping HR, Benefits, and Pay in 2019

If you handle HR or operations at a small or midsize business, you’ve got a long to-do list of tasks that are both urgent and important.

Do you ever wonder when you’re going to have time to catch up on industry news, assess new technology, or discover new business tactics?

The 2019 HR Trends Report is a shortlist of the top HR trends predicted this year.

See why experts are calling these five areas “some of the most important innovations in HR this year,” and what your company can do about them:

  1. An increased focus on compliance
  2. More financial “nudges,” aka notifications and alerts to save money, and put it into 401(k)s
  3. A switch to single HR software providers: Integrating HR & payroll systems
  4. Recruitment efforts based on diversity and inclusion
  5. An increase in employee wellness programs

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